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We try to keep our driving lesson packages priced as low as possible. The best way to access cheap driving lessons is by taking advantage of one of the packages. When you sign up for one of our driving lesson discount packages this allows more road time so that we can complete the driving test syllabus and also complete a mock driving test.

The mock driving test will highlight your weaknesses so that we can address them and properly prepare you for the actual driving test. To book your driving test contact TMR Helensvale or if you want to leave us a message or question go to our contact page.

Our basic 1 hour driving lesson $75

Night lessons (after 6pm) $85

Block of 5 driving lessons $350 ($70 per 1 hour lesson) (Must be paid for in full on or before the first lesson)

NOTE: Block / package lessons may not be used for warm-up lesson and test on test day also 24 hours notice must be given for cancellation of any lesson.

Warm-up lesson and use of instructor car for the test $200

(package includes test warm-up lesson, help with the pre-test paperwork and presentation to the driving examiner. Making the whole experience a little less stressful…

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